Billing Settings

You can review your subscription plan details on the Subscription Plans page, where you can find a summary of pricing details and included features. 

Each plan includes the following details:

  • Monthly returns quota.
  • Monthly price.
  • Price per excess return. 
  • Plan description (included features).  

Your monthly subscription plan covers a set number of monthly returns at no extra cost. This number is your included returns quota. 


Monthly vs Excess Usage Costs

ReturnGO charges you via Shopify and will bill you on your Shopify billing date.

Two types of charges for ReturnGO will appear in your Shopify invoice. These are the monthly subscription and usage charges.

Monthly Subscription

ReturnGO will charge you the cost of your monthly subscription plan on the billing day. 

If you downgraded or upgraded plans between billing days, the price will be prorated. Shopify will determine your price based on the time your current plan took effect relative to your billing cycle.


Usage charges refer to usage that occurred in the previous month. For example, you will be charged in September for the usage of August. 

Currently, we are utilizing usage charging only for excess returns. 

When the number of returns your customers generated may be greater than the number of returns in your returns quota, ReturnGO will bill you for excess returns usage. 

The price per excess return is defined in your subscription plan.  

Sample Scenario 

Say you're on a subscription plan that includes: 

  • 25 returns per month 
  • $0.50 per excess return 
  • No upgrades/downgrades within the past month 

You received 35 return requests in the month of August. Your excess returns billing would be calculated this way:

Excess returns billing = (actual usage-included returns quota) x excess usage price 

Excess returns billing = (35-25) x $0.50 

Excess returns billing = $5.00 


Billing Effects of Switching Plans

What will happen if I upgrade/downgrade my plan?

ReturnGO will charge the cost for your monthly subscription in proration. 

When you upgrade/downgrade your plan, Shopify will calculate the remaining days until the next billing cycle, and then either charge more for the remaining days (for an upgrade) or keep the price difference as app credit (for a downgrade). 

What will happen if I switch plans? 

When you switch plans, your monthly returns quota changes. ReturnGO determines your excess usage on the returns count within a calendar month. 

Your excess usage charges will be affected by the plan switching date: 

  • If your plan was switched during the counted month, your excess usage will be calculated based on your new plan's quota. 
  • If your plan was switched after the month's count was finished, your excess usage will be calculated according to your old plan's quota.