Order Tracking

The order tracking feature includes an order tracking portal and notifications enabling customers to check the status of their order shipments and view shipment history in real-time.

Capabilities and Requirements

  • Order tracking is a quota-based feature, similar to returns. This means that you have a certain number of shipments that you can track each month, and you will be charged for any additional shipments.
  • To activate order tracking, you will need to contact us to purchase a shipment tracking quota for your store.
  • Order tracking is a feature of the returns system, so it cannot be used independently at this time.

How to Configure Order Tracking

To configure order tracking:

  1. Enable order tracking
    1. Contact us to enable the feature and purchase a shipment tracking quota for your store.
2. Set up the tracking portal
    1. Customize your portal in Settings > Portals > Look and Feel. Adjust font colors and offset settings (these will affect all ReturnGO portals), and define the portal’s search options such as tracking number, order number, or zip/phone/email.

3. Add the tracking portal to your store
    1. To add the order tracking portal to your store, add the link anywhere on your website or use the advanced HTML editing guide found under Settings > Portals > Look and Feel.
4. Customize your email notifications
    1. Customize which email notifications ReturnGO sends to your customers under Settings > Emails > Content.
    b. Customize the look and feel of all customer email notifications under Settings > Emails > Look & Feel.

How to Use the Order Tracking Portal

The order tracking portal will look similar to the return portal and will have 2 screens: 

  1. Search screen
  • Customers can enter their order number or tracking number to search for their order.

2. Order tracking information screen
  • Customers can view all shipments related to the order (including multi-shipment orders), along with the tracking number, status, estimated time of arrival (ETA), and shipment history. 
  • Customers can also choose to opt out of receiving further notifications about the order from this screen.

The order tracking portal is a valuable tool for customers as it enables them to track the status of their orders and receive updates along the way. This can help reduce anxiety and frustration, and make customers more likely to shop with you again in the future.

Here are some additional tips for using the order tracking portal:

  • Add marketing materials to the order tracking portal page to encourage repeat purchases.
  • Encourage customers to use the order tracking portal to track the status of their orders.
  • Make sure the order tracking portal is easy to use and navigate.
  • Provide clear and concise information on the order tracking portal and in emails.