Customer Data Privacy & Use

ReturnGO places a strong emphasis on data privacy and strictly adheres to Shopify's guidelines regarding access to customer data.

Under its data protection policy, ReturnGO does not store unnecessary information and refrains from holding personal data whenever possible, using Shopify as the source of information when necessary.

Data Collection and Use

ReturnGO does not directly collect or store customer data. In instances where customer information is required, such as for generating shipping labels, ReturnGO directly retrieves the necessary data from the Shopify platform. 

ReturnGO only uses customer data for core operational purposes within the scope of delivering services and does not store it.

Data Sharing

ReturnGO shares data exclusively with entities directly integrated into the store's account. This includes essential partners such as shipping carriers, warehouse management systems, ERP systems, and helpdesk platforms.

It’s important to note that ReturnGO does not engage in the sale of customer data to third parties.

Data Security

ReturnGO prioritizes data security through comprehensive security practices, including encryption in-transit and encryption at rest, as well as regular vulnerability scanning. 

Handling Customer Data Requests

The procedure for handling customer data requests, such as requests to access, correct, or delete data, is that as per Shopify's policy, ReturnGO automatically respects and fulfills shop redact and customer redact requests.