Email Compliance

Last Updated: February 18, 2024

By default, automated customer notifications are sent from a ReturnGO email address. You can customize this address to display your business domain.


ReturnGO is committed to maintaining compliance with the requirements of the major email providers, and therefore:

  • ReturnGO adheres to DKIM and SPF protocols to ensure the integrity and security of your communications.
  • All default email notifications comply with all the latest requirements set by leading email platforms.
  • ReturnGO complies with the CAN-SPAM act.
  • All emails are sent through the Amazon SES server.
  • Return and tracking notifications sent through ReturnGO are considered transactional emails and not marketing emails.
  • Notification emails are necessary for the return handling process and therefore customers can't unsubscribe from them, as is standard with transactional emails.
  • Emails sent from your domain are verified and authenticated.

Sending Emails From Your Domain

In order to send customers emails from your domain, please contact support with the email address you want to use as your “From” address.

The process of changing the “From” address involves:

  1. Authentication
    1. ReturnGO will authenticate your domain by generating DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) and SPF (Sender Policy Framework) records. This ensures that your emails are recognized as legitimate and originate from your authorized domain.
  2. Implementation
    1. You'll need to update your domain’s DNS records to include the necessary DKIM and SPF information, which ReturnGO support will provide. Check your domain provider's instructions for updating DNS records.
      1. Then create a DMARC policy, which tells the receiving mail server what to do with messages that SPF and DKIM can’t authenticate. Learn more here.
    1. After you update your DNS records, ReturnGO will verify it and update your "From" address.