Handling Out-Of-Policy Items

Configure how your return portal handles items that don’t have any available policy rule at the final step of the return process. 

What are Out-of-Policy Items?

An item that is not eligible for any policy rule from the beginning of the return process will be marked as ineligible from the first step of the portal flow and cannot be selected.

However, during the portal flow, based on the customer input (for example, the selected return reason), the item can become ineligible because it does not qualify for any policy rule.

In ReturnGO, you can define how you want your portal to treat such items. You can include out-of-policy items in RMAs, reference out-of-policy items in RMAs, or prevent the creation of RMAs with out-of-policy items altogether.

Methods for Handling Out-of-Policy Items

ReturnGO offers a few methods for handling out-of-policy items in the return portal. You can choose whichever method you prefer.

  • Out-of-policy items will be included in RMAs - Include out-of-policy items in RMAs, and mark them on the RMA card as not having any eligible policy rules, so customer support can see and address them manually.

Customers will be able to submit the RMA as usual through the portal.

  • Out-of-policy items will be referenced in RMAs - Reference out-of-policy items in RMAs and link to the Sessions page so your customer support team can see that customers wanted to return these items.

Customers will see a message on the return portal saying that their request wasn't supported by the return policy.

If there are additional items in the RMA that are eligible for a policy rule, the RMA will be submitted and you will be able to see the out-of-policy items in the RMA card.

  • RMAs with out-of-policy items will not be created - Prevent RMAs with out-of-policy items from being created, and show an error message in the portal. The RMA will not be created and you will not see that the customer attempted to return the item.

How to Define What to Do With Out-of-Policy Items

To define how you want your return portal to handle out-of-policy items:

  1. Go to Settings > Store Settings.
  2. Open the General Returns section.

3. Under Handling Out-of-Policy Items in the Return Portal, select your preferred method for handling these items.
4. Click the save icon.