Integrating Your Return Portal to Your Magento Store

Last Updated: March 26, 2024

Add your return portal to your Magento 2 store to make it easy for customers to initiate self-service return requests.

How to Add Your Return Portal to Your Magento 2 Store

To add your return portal to your Magento 2 store:

  1. Go to the Magento admin panel, Content > Pages.

2. Click on Add New Page.
3. Under Page Title, enter the portal name, i.e returns.
4. Open the Content tab.

5. Click on Edit with Page Builder.

6. Open the Elements tab.

7. Drag the HTML Code element to add it to the return portal page.

8. Hover over the new element and click on the settings icon.

9. Add the following code to the page.

Change the data to align with your site (shop, currency, locale, etc) and remove the comments.

<script src="" defer="defer"></script>

<script type="application/javascript">
window.ReturnGO = { 
 shop: '', //Your shop url without https://
        currency: {
            active: 'USD', //The portal currency
            rate: '1.0', //The conversion rate between you portal currency and your main store currency, if they are different
        locale: 'en', //The locale to display

<div id="ReturngoPortalEmbedding" style="position: relative; min-height: 600px; background-color: #FFFFFF"></div>

10. Save the new element.
11. Go back to the Page Editor page by clicking on the minimize icon at the top right.
12. Save the return portal page.
13. Go back to the pages list.
14. Your return portal will now be available under <store url>/<URL Key>.

15. Add the return portal URL wherever you want on your store website so that customers can easily find it (i.e header, footer, product pages).