Minimum Stock Threshold

In order to prevent out-of-stock exchanges, define the minimum amount of available stock required for an exchange.

What is a Minimum Stock Threshold?

The minimum stock threshold enables you to set an inventory level that is needed for an exchange. Product variants with a remaining stock below your defined threshold will not be available for exchange.

For example, if you set a threshold of 5, once a product has 5 units left, it will be considered out of stock for exchanges.

This ensures you have inventory on hand to fulfill exchanges, preventing stockouts and improving the customer experience.


In order to set a minimum stock threshold for exchange you will need:

  • An exchange resolution.

How to Configure Minimum Stock Threshold

To define the minimum stock threshold for exchanges:

  1. Go to Settings > Resolutions.
  2. Click on the exchange resolution you want to edit.
  3. Open the Stock section.
  4. Set the minimum amount of stock required for an exchange of this type.
  5. Click on the save icon.