RMA-Level Refund Bonus Limits

Last Updated: May 19, 2024

Set a limit to the amount of bonus that customers can accumulate per RMA. This lets customers accumulate bonuses by choosing incentivized refund options, but only up to the limit you define. This way you can balance providing a good customer experience with managing your business' financial impact.


  • Set a maximum refund bonus amount per RMA.
  • The limit applies to both store credit and gift card bonuses.
  • Customers see the maximum bonus amount when selecting resolutions in the portal.

Portal Flow

When there is a refund bonus limit, the resolutions step of the portal flow will de divided into exchange resolutions and refund resolutions. 

  • For RMAs with multiple items to be refunded:
    • The portal will display the maximum bonus amount that can be received for that RMA.

    • Individual bonus details will be displayed for each product, to help customers understand how much bonus they can get for each item.

  • For RMAs with a single item:
    • The Refund bonus line will show in the item’s refund resolution description.

Based on the active refund resolutions you have configured, each product will have its own policy rules with relevant bonus amounts.

As customers select refund resolutions with incentives, the bonuses will accumulate. Once the limit is reached, selecting additional incentivized refund resolutions will not increase the bonus amount.

Note: Any exchange bonuses earned will be tracked separately from the refund bonuses and do not count towards the refund bonus limit.

Configuring the Refund Bonus Limit

To set the RMA-level refund bonus limit:

  1. Go to Settings > Store Settings.
  2. Open the Refunds section.

3. In the Refund Bonus subsection, toggle on Limit Bonus for Refund Resolution per RMA.

4. Set the maximum bonus amount your customers can earn per RMA for refund resolutions.

5. This limit applies to both store credit and gift card bonuses.

6. Click on the save icon.

Processing RMAs With Bonus Limits

In the ReturnGO dashboard, when processing a refund that received a refund bonus, the RMA card will indicate that a bonus was provided. 

The bonuses will be sent when the RMA is refunded, using the same email address used for the refund.