Refund to Bank Account

Last Updated: February 15, 2024

Refund to Bank Account is a return resolution that enables you to refund customers directly to their bank account. 

Refunding Customers Who Pay Via Cash on Delivery 

For orders that were paid for outside of Shopify (such as Cash on Delivery), you cannot issue a refund directly to the customer through ReturnGO and Shopify. In these cases, you can refund customers by transferring money to their bank account.


ReturnGO’s refund to bank account return resolution enables you to: 

  • Receive the customer’s IBAN details. The customer will be prompted to enter their IBAN details in the return portal. 

  • Document the refunded amount in the RMA card. 

Requirements and Limitations 

The requirements and limitations of the refund to bank account resolution are:

  • ReturnGO does not execute the money transfer to the customer’s bank account.
  • You can use the IBAN provided by the customer to transfer the money between banks while documenting it in the RMA card. 
  • Marking a refund to bank account request as “refunded” does not get logged back to the Shopify order. 

Configuring Refund to Bank Account 

To offer the option of a refund to bank account:

1. Go to Settings > Resolutions.

2. Open the Returns Resolutions section

3. Click REFUND TO BANK or create a new resolution.

4. Edit the internal name of the resolution.

5. Edit the name of the resolution as it will be displayed on the return portal.

6. Edit the description that will appear in your return portal.

7. Set the Refund Type to Bank Refund. This only appears if you are creating a custom resolution.

8. Modify the refund amount you want to offer. 

9. You can enable automatic payment gateway detection, if you want to show this resolution only if the order was paid with cash (i.e. Cash on Delivery).

10. Click on the save icon.

You can use this resolution to build your return policy in your Return Policy where you can configure additional settings such as eligibility rules, fees, and more. 

Configuring Refund to Bank Account Fields

You can customize the fields you require customers to fill out in the return portal when requesting a refund to bank account.

To configure the fields:

1. Go to Settings > Store Settings.

2. Open the Refunds section.

3. Set which fields you want to show on the return portal and mark whether each is mandatory or optional.

4. Click the save icon.