Installing ReturnGO on Shopify

Installing ReturnGO is the first step to streamlining your returns with ReturnGO. The ReturnGO Returns & Exchanges app is available in the Shopify App Store

Installing ReturnGO

To install the ReturnGO Returns & Exchanges app:

  1. Go to the Shopify App Store.
    1. Alternatively, you can go to Shopify Admin > Apps, and click on CUSTOMIZE YOUR STORE or SEE WHAT’S NEW.
  2. Search for “ReturnGO”.

4. Click ADD APP.

5. Accept the data permissions confirmation from Shopify.
6. Select your ReturnGO plan.
7. Accept the billing plan. You will be automatically directed to your ReturnGO Dashboard to finish your onboarding setup.
8. Once installed, the ReturnGO app will appear in Shopify Admin > Apps under the Installed Apps section.

Shopify Admin > Apps Features  

The Shopify Admin > Apps > App and sales channel settings page enables you to access and manage your ReturnGO app within your Shopify store.

In Shopify Admin > Apps, there are 4 actions you can take on the ReturnGO app:

  1. Open app - Redirects to your ReturnGO Dashboard where you can manage your return requests and policy rules settings.
  2. View details - Enables you to manage ReturnGO within your Shopify store.
    • Discover ReturnGO’s capabilities.
    • Manage the app proxy details.
    • Check ReturnGO’s privacy details.
    • Review ReturnGO’s permission details.
    • Write a review about ReturnGO in the Shopify App Store.
3. Get support - Opens a ticket to ReturnGO support to address any questions or issues you have with the Returns & Exchanges app.
4. Uninstall - Uninstalls ReturnGO.