Integration With Freshdesk

ReturnGO integrates with Freshdesk to help you manage customer support queries regarding product returns.

Freshdesk is a customer service platform that helps you respond to customers quickly and efficiently by empowering your support team to deliver timely and consistent support at scale.


The ReturnGO-Freshdesk integration supports:

  • Creating a ticket on Freshdesk when an RMA is created.
  • Updating the ticket with status updates for the RMA or shipment.
  • Including the customer email in the Freshdesk ticket.
  • Adding the text of the update to the RMA note.


To link your Freshdesk account to ReturnGO, you will need:

  • Freshdesk API key
  • Freshdesk Company Name (domain name)

Linking Your Freshdesk Account to ReturnGO 

To link your Freshdesk account to ReturnGO: 

  1. Go to Integration > Products & Services
  3. Choose Freshdesk from the drop-down list. 
  4. Click on the check mark.

 5. Enter your credentials. 

 6. Click CONNECT.

Troubleshooting the Integration 

Many of the issues encountered related to the integration can be identified during setup. Here are a few things you can check to try and fix such issues: 

Setup Issues 

Make sure your API credentials are accurate. 

  • There should be no extra spaces before or after each API entry. 
  • Make sure you are using live or production API credentials, and not dev or test APIs. 
  • Try to re-generate a new API key and reconnect. 

Freshdesk-Related Issues 

For Freshdesk-related issues, please contact Freshdesk support.

For any other issues, feel free to contact ReturnGO support through chat or email.