Integration With Re:amaze

ReturnGO integrates with Re:amaze to help with customer support queries regarding product returns. Re:amaze is a customer service platform that helps you respond to customers quickly and efficiently. 


The ReturnGO-Re:amaze integration supports: 

  • Automatic Re:amaze ticket creation and updates. 
  • RMA information will appear and update your store’s support team in Re:amaze. 

To link your Re:amaze account to ReturnGO, you will need: 

  • Re:amaze account email
    Your re:Amaze login. This can be found by clicking your user avatar at the top-right corner of your Re:amaze dashboard.

Note: Make sure you have the proper permissions to manage the connection. Permissions such as Manage Channels and Apps and Manage Developer Tokens and Settings are required for the initial setup. You can configure user permissions in Re:amaze under Settings > Account > Roles and Permissions.

  • API token
    The API token can be found or generated in your Re:amaze dashboard under Settings > Developer > API Token.
  • Brand name
    This refers to your Re:amaze subdomain. 

Example: If your URL starts with, then use some-company as the brand name.

  • Channel name
    This refers to the email name of the channel you are trying to connect. 

Note: The displayed channel name may be different from the actual email name. Find the correct one in your channel settings. 

Linking Your Re:amaze Account to ReturnGO 

To link your Re:amaze account to ReturnGO: 

  1. Go to Integration > Products & Services
  3. Choose Re:amaze from the drop-down list. 
  4. Click on the green check mark.


5. Enter your credentials. 

6. Click CONNECT.

reamaze 2

Troubleshooting the Integration 

Re:amaze-Related Issues 

For Re:amaze-related issues, please contact Re:amaze customer support.

Other Issues 

For any other issues, feel free to contact ReturnGO support through chat or email.