Manual Exchange

Manual exchange is a return resolution that enables you to handle each exchange request manually by having your customers submit requests that your customer service team can review, handle, and resolve individually.

When the Manual Exchange resolution is enabled, your customers have the option to choose “Exchange by Customer Service” as an action on a selected item.

The customer will then type the reason for the exchange in a text box, with the option to attach a picture.

Configuring Manual Exchange

To add and configure the manual exchange resolution:

  1. Go to Resolutions
  2. In the Exchange Resolutions section, click ADD RESOLUTION. 
  3. In the Edit Custom Resolution pop-up:
    1. Edit the resolution name.
      1. This represents the display name of this resolution in your return portal.
    1. Edit the description. 
      1. This represents the additional details of this resolution in your return portal.
    1. Set whether the “Request Image” field is disabled, optional, or mandatory.
      1. You can ask your customers to include an image to better understand your customers’ exchange requests.

4. Click SAVE.

You can then use this resolution to build your return policy in your Return Policy settings, where you can configure additional settings such as eligibility rules, fees, and more.