Return to Drop-Off Location

Return to Drop-Off Location is a return method that enables customers to bring the returned item to a drop-off point such as a physical store location. 

You can configure this return method’s display texts and the shipping instructions to be sent in emails.

Configuring Return to Drop-Off Location

To configure Return to Drop-Off Location

1.  Go to Return Methods. 


3.  Click on the specific return method you want to edit, or click ADD RETURN METHOD.

4. In the Details section: 

a. Edit the internal name. 

b. Edit the display name. 

c. Edit the description. 

d. Set the return method type to Return to Drop-Off Location. 

e. Set where to get the drop-off location from.

Tip: If you are using a third-party drop-off integration via API, you can set up ReturnGO QR codes here for a smooth drop-off experience. 

f. Define whether to include a packing slip.

5. In the Return Address section, set your return address and restocking location.

6. In the Shipping Instructions section, edit the content as needed.  

Note: These are the shipping instructions that will be included in the approval email when this return method is used. 

7.  Click on the save icon.

Once set, you can start using it as the default return method for your policy rules in your Return Policy