ReturnGO QR Codes

Merchants who use a drop-off integration via API can use ReturnGO-generated QR codes to provide customers with an easy-to-use QR code for drop-off returns.

What Are ReturnGO QR Codes? 

ReturnGO QR codes are a type of QR code generated by ReturnGO containing the RMA information. These QR codes are designed for merchants who use a drop-off integration that ReturnGO is not directly integrated with but is instead integrated via the ReturnGO API.

A ReturnGO QR code contains the store name and RMA ID, allowing external systems to identify the return without needing to be directly integrated into ReturnGO.

When customers scan the QR code at a drop-off location, the clerk can access the RMA information, which matches the information pulled from the ReturnGO API, ensuring a seamless return process.


ReturnGO QR codes have the following specifications:

  • Image format: PNG
  • Image size: 400px*400px
  • QR size: 300px*300px
  • QR error resistance: ~15%
  • QR encoding mode: Auto
    • The input string will automatically be split into various segments optimized to produce the shortest possible bitstream using mixed modes. 
  • The QR codes are base64 encoded. 
    • The QR code is encoded with the ReturnGO RMA number, without a type and RMA prefix. For example, if RMA:24124124/R, the encoded value will be 24124124. 

How to Set Up ReturnGO QR Codes

This feature is currently in beta and not yet available to all merchants. Click here to apply to join the beta.

To configure ReturnGO QR codes for a return to drop-off location return method: 

  1. Go to Settings > Return Methods.
  2. Open the Return to drop-off location section. 

3. Click on the return method you want to edit or click ADD RETURN METHOD to create a new one.

4. In the Details section, make sure the Return Method Type is set to Return to Drop-Off Location
5. Set the Drop-Off Location Source to Drop-off location via integration.
6. Set the Connection to By ReturnGO QR.
7. Under Drop-off Locator URL, add the URL to your preferred service's page so your customers can see nearby drop-off locations.

8. In the Shipping Instructions section, make sure to add variables that provide information about the distance of the nearest drop-off location, the nearest location name and address, and the variable for the QR code itself. 

Tip: These are the shipping instructions that will be included in the approval email when this return method is used. 

      9. Click on the

Once set, you can use the configured return method in your policy rules.