Auto-Approval is a policy rule setting that enables you to automatically approve return requests. 

Auto-Approval is configurable per policy rule. This means that you can set up your Return Policy with a mixture of policy rules set for manual or auto-approval. 

When auto-approval is successful, the Returns Merchandise Authorization (RMA) status will be updated to approved request. 


Return Labels are automatically generated and are sent to the customer together with the approval of the return request. 

Auto-approval will fail if there is an issue with generating a return label. Consequently, the RMA will stay in the Pending Request status

Returnscore Instant Credits resolutions are always auto-approved.  

  • Ship it later. 
  • Keep the item. 
  • Donate the item. 

Note: If at least one return policy configured for manual approval is selected by the customer when submitting the return request, the entire RMA will be subject to manual approval. 


  • Auto-Approval is available in all current subscription plans. 
  • This feature cannot be used in policy rules with a no shipment required return method.
  • The exception to Auto-Approval is if the resolution set in the policy rule is to keep the item or donate the item.

Configuring Auto-Approval

To enable auto-approval: 

  1. Go to Return Policy
  2. Choose a policy rule
  3. In the Approval Process setting, choose Auto-Approval
  4. Click SAVE

Note: Repeat steps 2 to 4 for each policy rule you want to set to auto-approval.