Auto-Mark as Done

Auto-mark as done is a policy rule setting that automates marking a return request as Done. 

ReturnGO considers the RMA processing as done when all the customer requests are fulfilled. 

If any item included is set to be manually marked as done, then the entire RMA will need to be manually marked as done. 

What Triggers the Auto-Mark as Done Automation? 

Auto-mark as done is triggered when all the customer’s requests in the RMA are fulfilled. The trigger depends on the actions expected from the resolutions applied in the RMA. 

These possible actions are as follows: 

  1. If all the resolutions are variant/product exchanges, Auto-mark as done is triggered once the draft order is marked as Released

Note: This only applies if all the conditions below are fulfilled: 

                    i. There is a price difference. 

                    ii. The customer paid the price difference. 

                    iii. The draft order was marked as Paid

2.  If all the resolutions are the same refund type, Auto-mark as done is triggered once the refund issued is equal to or greater than the balance. 

Note: The balance is calculated by the formula: 

           Balance = (Total paid price + Rewards) - Fees

3.  Auto-mark as done does not apply to mixed resolutions. 


This feature is available as an add-on.

Enabling Auto-Mark as Done

To enable auto-mark as done:

  1. Go to Settings > Return Policy. 
  2. Click EXPAND ALL to configure an existing policy rule.
  3. Click the pencil icon on the right of the policy rule to configure.

4. Open the RMA Handling Process section. 

5. Choose AUTOMATIC in the Mark as Done setting.

6. Click on the save icon to save your changes.

Note: Repeat steps 3 to 6 for each policy rule you want to set to mark-as-done.