Validate Items

Item validation enables you to document the condition of returned items once received, providing additional context to the return request history.


The primary purpose of validating items is to record whether each item was actually returned, and if so, whether it can be restocked.

Item validation provides the most value for merchants who have a warehouse team receiving return shipments and inspecting the contents while a separate team handles refunds and restocking. However, it can benefit any merchant needing more context on returned items.


The Validate Items feature is available with the Pro plan and above and as 

an add-on.
  • Item validation is not applicable to RMAs that were approved using a no shipment required return method.
  • Item validation is disabled by default and needs to be enabled to be used.


To enable the ability to validate items:

  1. Go to Settings > Store Settings.
  2. Open the Item Validation subsection.
  3. Enable Document Shipment Content Inspection to enable the VALIDATE ITEMS button on RMA cards once a shipment has been marked as received.
  4. Enable Inspection Documentation is Mandatory to require item validation, so an RMA cannot be marked as done unless all items have been validated.
  5. Click the save icon.

How to Validate Items

When item validation is enabled, a VALIDATE ITEMS button will appear on the RMA card after marking the shipment as received.

To validate items:

  1. On the RMA card, select the items you want to validate.
  2. Click the VALIDATE ITEMS button to open the item validation popup.
  3. For each item, toggle the Item was returned switch to Yes or No.
  4. If the answer was Yes, you’ll have an Item can be restocked toggle you can set to Yes or No.

          a. If the answer was No for either question, enter an explanation and upload supporting images.

           b. By default, both switches are set to Yes, as this is the most common scenario.
5. Click SAVE to apply the validation results.

Once an item is validated, the inspection results appear in an expanded section added to that item on the RMA card. 

Validation results can be edited by selecting the item and clicking the VALIDATE ITEMS button again.

When all items of an RMA are validated, the RMA status is marked as Items Validated.

The results of item validation can be used as a trigger for auto-refund and auto-exchange. There's also an option to set auto-restock for items marked as restockable. This ability needs to be enabled by contacting support.

Using Item Validation With a WMS

The VALIDATE ITEMS button only appears for merchants with the feature enabled.

However, if integrated with a WMS or ERP system, inspection results from those systems automatically sync to the RMA, even if the feature is disabled or unavailable in the merchant's plan. In this case, validations cannot be edited from the RMA card itself.

Currently, some integrations can trigger auto-restock based on item validation results.