The Billing History page shows an overview of all invoices issued for your ReturnGO account, along with some basic information about your plan, usage, and cost.



On the Billing History page, you can view your billing history in the form of a table, including the  following details: 

  • Month 
  • Store 
  • Feature 
  • Returns Quota 
  • Usage 
  • Plan Price 
  • Excess Usage Price 
  • Excess Usage Charge (# of Excess Returns) 
  • Capped Amount 
  • Total 

Access Your Billing History

To access your billing history: 

  1. Click on your email address at the top-right corner of your ReturnGO Dashboard. The Account menu will open. 
  2. In the Account menu, click BILLING HISTORY. 


Download Your Billing History 

On the Billing History page, you can download your billing history information in a CSV file.  

The CSV file can be opened by most spreadsheet software to present the data in a table format. 

To download your billing data: 

1.  Go to Account > Billing. 

2.  Click REPORT.

             a. The billing report will be downloaded in CSV format.