Integrating Your Return Portal to Your BigCommerce Store

ReturnGO seamlessly integrates with BigCommerce to provide a comprehensive return management solution.


Currently, the features supported include:

  • Refunds to payment method or gift card
    • Currently only supports order-level refunds
  • Variant exchanges
    • Currently only supports exchanges to even or less expensive variants.
    • ReturnGO creates draft exchange orders in Pending status, and when the exchange is released, the order status changes to Completed to indicate that it has been paid and can now be fulfilled.

How to Integrate ReturnGO with BigCommerce

To set up your ReturnGO return portal with BigCommerce, you’ll need to create an API key with the relevant permissions and share it with the ReturnGO team, who will implement the integration for you.


To integrate ReturnGO with BigCommerce, you'll need the following credentials:

  • Store-level API:
    • Client ID
    • Client secret
    • Access token
  • Owner email and name
  • Store default address
  • API path
    • E.g.

Getting Credentials

To obtain the necessary credentials for integrating ReturnGO with BigCommerce:

  1. On your BigCommerce dashboard, go to Settings.
  2. Scroll down to the API section and click on Store-level API accounts.

3. Click the CREATE API ACCOUNT button.

4. Fill in the API account name (make sure it is identifiable as associated with ReturnGO). 
5. Copy the API path to send to the ReturnGO team.

6. Give access to all the OAuth scopes:
  • Content
  • Checkout content
  • Customers
  • Customers Login
  • Information & Settings
  • Marketing
  • Orders
  • Order Transactions
  • Create payments
  • Get payment methods
  • Stored Payment Instruments
  • Products
  • Themes
  • Carts
  • Checkouts
  • Sites & routes
  • Channel settings
  • Channel listings
  • Storefront API tokens
  • Storefront API customer impersonation tokens
  • Store logs
  • Store Locations
  • Store Inventory
  • Fulfillment Methods
  • Order Fulfillment
  • Metafield Ownership
  • Metafields Access

7. Click the SAVE button to create the API account.

8. You will see a popup with the API credentials of the Client ID, Client secret, and Access token. Copy them down to send to the ReturnGO team.

9. Send the ReturnGO team the information for the API account, and they will implement the integration for you so you'll be able to start using the ReturnGO return portal on your BigCommerce store.

Adding Your ReturnGO Portal to a Page

After you are connected to ReturnGO, you will need to add the return portal script to one of your website pages, wherever you want the portal to appear.

To add your return portal to a BigCommerce page, simply add the following code to your theme on the page where you would like the portal to be displayed.

  1. Add these lines to the page HEAD section of your new page:
<script src="" defer="defer"></script>
<script type="application/javascript">
   window.ReturnGO = {
       shop: '', //Your shop URL without https://
       currency: {
           active: 'USD', //The portal currency
           rate: '1.0', //The conversion rate between your portal currency and your main store currency, if they are different
       locale: 'en', //The locale to display

2. Add this line to the page BODY section where you want the portal to appear:

<div id="ReturngoPortalEmbedding" style="position: relative; display:block; min-height: 600px; background-color: #FFFFFF"></div>

Read more about portal embedding and customization here.