Integration With Apparel21

Last Updated: April 3, 2024

ReturnGO integrates with Apparel21 to help you streamline your returns management. Apparel21 is the leading clothing and footwear-specific ERP business solution in Australia and New Zealand.


The ReturnGO-Apparel21 integration supports:

  • Creating an Exchange Order on Apparel21.
  • Updating ReturnGO item status based on items being marked on Apparel21 as received, validated, and restocked.
  • Marking the RMA as refunded on ReturnGO.


This integration is currently in beta and not yet available to all merchants. Click here to apply to join the beta.

To connect your Apparel21 account to ReturnGO, you’ll need the following information:

  • Apparel21 username
  • Apparel21 password
  • Country code
  • Base URL

Note: All products must be tagged with a product tag, in the following format: 

DIVISION: <division number>

Linking Your Apparel21 Account to ReturnGO 

To link your Apparel21 account to ReturnGO: 

  1. Go to Integration > Products & Services
  3. Choose Apparel21 from the drop-down list. 
  4. Click on the check mark.

5. Enter your credentials.

6. Click CONNECT. 

How it Works

Create Exchange Orders on Apparel21

 When an RMA is approved in ReturnGO, an Exchange Order is automatically created on Apparel21.

Item Validation and Restocking

When returned items are marked on Apparel21, the validation status on ReturnGO is automatically updated, marking items as received, validated, and restocked through Apparel21.

Note: When restocking is done through Apparel21, the restock option on ReturnGO will be disabled.


When a return request is refunded by Apparel21, ReturnGO receives the refund information from Shopify and updates the RMA accordingly.

Troubleshooting the Integration 

Apparel21-Related Issues 

For Apparel21-related issues, please contact Apparel21 support:

For any other issues, feel free to contact ReturnGO support through chat or email.