Integration With Netsuite

ReturnGO integrates with NetSuite to help you streamline your returns management. NetSuite is an all-in-one ERP cloud business management solution that helps organizations operate more effectively by automating core processes and providing real-time visibility into operational and financial performance.


The ReturnGO-NetSuite integration supports:

  • Creating a Credit Memo in Netsuite once items are both refunded and validated.


  • Exchanges do not generate a credit memo.


The Netsuite integration is currently only available upon request. Contact us for more information.

To connect your NetSuite account to ReturnGO, you’ll need the following information:

  • Account ID
  • Consumer Key
  • Consumer Secret
  • Token ID
  • Token Secret

Linking Your NetSuite Account to ReturnGO 

To link your NetSuite account to ReturnGO: 

  1. Go to Integration > Products & Services
  3. Choose NetSuite from the drop-down list. 
  4. Click on the check mark.

5. Enter your credentials. 
6. Click CONNECT. 

Configuring Field Mapping for Credit Memo

You can upload a JSON config file to map the required fields for creating a credit memo on NetSuite. This enables you to configure the specific data you want ReturnGO to transmit when creating a Credit Memo.

ReturnGO will use the provided mapping to automatically populate the relevant fields on the Credit Memo.

Note: This is particularly useful for more advanced users who have a developer and need to customize the information sent to NetSuite.


  • ReturnGOField - The name of the property as it's used on ReturnGO. 
    • On some fields in the config file, this may appear as targetField
  • SourceField - The name of the property as it's used on Netsuite.

Using the config file, you can set the following fields according to your requirements:

  1. Sales Order fields
  2. Customer details
  3. Department details
  4. Return method details
  5. Currency information

To upload the config file:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Products & Services.
  2. Under Netsuite integration, paste the contents of the config file into the relevant text box.
  3. Click on the save icon to confirm.

Troubleshooting the Integration 

Many of the issues encountered related to integration can be identified during setup. 

Here are a few things you can check to try and fix such issues: 

Setup Issues 

Make sure your API credentials are accurate. 

  • There should be no extra spaces before or after each API entry. 
  • Make sure you are using live or production API credentials, and not dev or test APIs. 
  • Try to re-generate a new API key and reconnect. 

NetSuite-Related Issues 

For NetSuite-related issues, please contact NetSuite support.

For any other issues, feel free to contact ReturnGO support through chat or email.