Integration With Peoplevox

ReturnGO integrates with Peoplevox to help you receive and process returned products efficiently.

Peoplevox is a warehouse management system that helps you sync restocking, receiving of packages, and available inventory levels with your ReturnGO account and online store.


The Peoplevox-ReturnGO integration supports:

  • Creating a return on Peoplevox when an RMA is approved in ReturnGO.
  • Reporting of returned item inspection results from Peoplevox back to ReturnGO. 


To link your Peoplevox account to ReturnGO, you will need: 

  • Peoplevox username
  • Peoplevox password
  • Customer code

Linking your Peoplevox Account to ReturnGO 

To link your Peoplevox account to ReturnGO: 

  1. Go to Integration > Products & Services
  3. Choose Peoplevox from the drop-down list. 
  4. Click on the check mark.

5. Enter your credentials. 
6. Click CONNECT. 

7. In order for ReturnGO to create returns on the Peoplevox dashboard, make sure the Create RMA toggle is enabled.

Peoplevox-Related Issues 

For Peoplevox-related issues, please contact Peoplevox customer support.

For any other issues, feel free to contact ReturnGO support through chat or email.