QR Codes

Last Updated: May 9, 2024

QR Codes are a service that some shipping carriers offer for generating printerless return labels. 

With QR codes, customers don’t have to print out a return label for shipping back returned items. Instead, the customer can simply scan the QR code using their phone at the carrier’s office, and the clerk will handle the rest. 



  • Only relevant for ship with pre-paid label return methods.
  • ReturnGO only supports this feature through certain integrations, including Royal Mail, Canada Post, and USPS. Check out which integrations support QR codes in the full shipping integrations comparison.

Configuring QR Codes
To configure QR codes for shipping integrations that offer them:

  1. Go to Settings > Return Methods.
  2. Open the Ship with pre-paid label section. 

3. Click on the return method you want to edit or click ADD RETURN METHOD to create a new one.

4. In the Details section, make sure the Return Method Type is set to Ship with pre-paid label

5. Connect to a shipping integration that supports QR codes.

6. Set the label type to Only a QR code only or QR code and/or printable label.

7. In the Shipping Instructions section, make sure to include the variable for the QR code.

Tip: These are the shipping instructions that will be included in the approval email when this return method is used. 

8. Click on the save icon.

Once set, you can use the configured return method in your policy rules.