Integration With Mondial Relay

ReturnGO integrates with Mondial Relay to help you manage your return shipping in Europe. Mondial Relay is a leading eCommerce distribution company in France and Europe, offering an extensive range of shipping carriers.


The ReturnGO-Mondial Relay integration supports:

  • Domestic pay-on-scan return labels
  • Live return tracking updates
  • QR codes
Return Labels Return Tracking QR Codes Auto Select Cheapest International Shipping

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To integrate your Mondial Relay account into ReturnGO you will need the following information:

  • Dual Carrier API Username (your Mondial Relay account email)
  • Dual Carrier API Password
  • Dual Carrier Customer ID
  • WebService API Brand ID
  • WebService API Private Key

Linking Your Mondial Relay Account to ReturnGO 

To link your Mondial Relay account to ReturnGO: 

1. Go to Return Methods. 
3. Click EDIT

Parcelninja 2-png
4. Open the Shipping Label Settings section. 
5. Set Integrations to Mondial Relay. 
6. Enter your Mondial Relay credentials. 
7.  Click CONNECT. If the connection is successful, then the rest of the settings will be editable. 

8. Define your settings, return address, and shipping instructions.

    1. Select a carrier. 
    2. Select a service level. 
    3. Select a package type (if present). 
    4. Set a default weight and weight unit. 
    5. Set custom package dimensions. 

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9. Scroll up back to where the EDIT button was and click SAVE. 

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Troubleshooting the Integration 

Many of the issues encountered related to integration can be identified during setup or label generation. 

Here are a few things you can check to try and fix such issues: 

Setup Issues 

Make sure your API credentials are accurate. 

  • There should be no extra spaces before or after each API entry. 
  • Make sure you are using live or production API credentials, and not dev or test APIs. 
  • Try to re-generate a new API key and reconnect. 
  • If a carrier or service level is not available, contact your shipping service support team to verify which return services are available. 
  • Note: Some carriers support forward deliveries only, returns only, or both.

Label Creation Issues 

Verify your Return Address.

  • Some carriers may not recognize special characters, which might cause issues when generating labels.
  • Remove special characters and unnecessary spaces in your return address.
  • For example: 
    • If your store name is “John & Jane Store”, change it to “John and Jane Store”. 
    • If your store phone number has “+” signs or “( )”, remove them. 

Verify the Customer’s Address.

 ReturnGO collects the customer’s address when the request is submitted.

  • If there are corrections to the customer’s address, reject and resubmit the return request. 

Verify the Item Weight. 

  • If the total weight of the items being returned exceeds the service level’s weight limit, then the carrier will reject the label request. 

Verify if you can Generate a Return Label for the Order Directly in the Shipping Platform. 

  • If your shipping service platform cannot generate the label, then it will also fail in ReturnGO. 

Mondial Relay-Related Issues 

For Mondial Relay-related issues, please contact Mondial Relay support.

For any other issues, feel free to contact ReturnGO support through chat or email.