Buy Online, Return In-Store (BORIS)

Offer the option for customers to return items bought online to a physical store location and have their return processed in person.

What is Buy Online, Return In-Store (BORIS)?

Buy Online, Return In-Store (BORIS) is a scenario you can support using ReturnGO, simplifying the returns process by enabling your customers to return items they purchased online by bringing them to a physical store location.

When you offer BORIS returns, the customer simply submits an online return request and selects the return to drop-off location return method. Then, they bring the items to be returned to a physical store location, where a staff member can process the return.

By supporting BORIS returns, you enable customers to return their items in-store, saving them the cost and hassle of shipping back the returned items and waiting for them to be validated and processed. This also reduces the environmental impact of return shipping.


This functionality is currently in Beta and not yet fully available to all merchants. Contact us for more information.

To support Buy Online, Return In-Store (BORIS) returns, you’ll need:

  • A return to drop-off location return method.
  • A return policy rule that uses a return to drop-off location return method.
  • Physical Store Staff user roles (optional)
    • A user role intended for in-store employees who only handle BORIS returns, giving them limited access and associating their actions with their store location.

How Does BORIS Work?

Buy Online, Return In-Store (BORIS) returns work in the following flow:

  • A customer creates a return request through your return portal.
  • They select the return to drop-off location return method.
  • The customer brings the items to a physical store location.
  • A staff member processes the return.

BORIS Exchanges

When processing a BORIS exchange, once the exchange is released, the exchange draft order turns into an order that needs to be fulfilled.

How this order gets fulfilled depends on your Shopify setup:

  • If your physical store location is set as an online inventory location in Shopify, the exchange can be fulfilled directly from your store stock. Store staff can select the store location when fulfilling the order to note that it was fulfilled from the store inventory.
  • If your store location is not set as a Shopify inventory location, the exchange order will need to be fulfilled from your warehouse or third-party fulfillment service as usual.

Additionally, there are two ways to handle price differences in BORIS exchanges when there‘s a pending price difference payment:

1. Invoice
  • If there are pending price difference payments on the exchange order, an invoice will be automatically sent to the customer's email address. Customers can make the payment by accessing their email inbox and following the provided instructions.
2. Manual payment collection
  • Alternatively, if your staff members have access to the Shopify admin, they can collect the payment directly. To do this:
    • Log in to the Shopify admin.
    • Enter the customer's credit card details in the designated payment collection section.

How to Process an In-Store Return

For an in-store staff member to use ReturnGO to process a return, they need to:

  1. Log in using their credentials.
  2. Select the specific store location where they are currently working (if using the Physical Store Staff role).
  3. Use the Manage Returns page to process the relevant RMA.