Customizing Email Notifications

Email Notifications are automated emails that your customers get throughout the returns process. 

The email notifications vary depending on the different actions taken by you, the customer, or automations in the returns flow. 

There are also email notifications that, although triggered by actions done on the ReturnGO dashboard, are sent directly by Shopify (e.g. draft order invoice emails). The text of these can be edited through ReturnGO as well.

Parts of an Email Notification

Different actions that are done in the returns process will trigger different email notifications. 

The general structure of email notifications is preserved, and you can edit the subject and the middle statement in the email body.


The placeholders in the email are as follows: 

Email Placeholders Description
Email Subject

The email subject varies depending on the action that triggers the email.

Can be edited through Email Localization.

Opening and Closing Statements

Generic statements that are included in most emails, varying depending on the email. 

Can be edited in the General Email section of the Email Localization page.
Main Message

Provides the details of the email notification. 

Varies depending on the email - may show shipping instructions, the discount code, the refund amount, etc. 

Can be edited through Email Localization

Shipping instructions are edited through Return Methods.
Store Name

Taken from the store name field in Store Settings

Can be edited.

Store Hyperlink

Store name that appears in the closing statement, which is hyperlinked with the store URL in Store Settings. 

Can be edited.

Store Logo

Image for the store logo can be uploaded through Email Customization. 

Can be edited.

Customer Email

Automatically pulled from the Shopify order when the RMA is created. 

Cannot be edited.

Reply-to Email

Taken from the Customer Support field in Store Settings. 

Can be edited.

From Email

Defaults to

Can be edited by adapting CNAME records
Mailed-by Email

Represents the email server that sent the email notification. 

Defaults to 

Can be edited by updating CNAME records.

Signed-by Email

Represents the digital signature of the email. 

Defaults to 

Can be edited by updating CNAME records.

Available Email Notifications 

Below is a table of all email notifications available in your ReturnGO system:



Default - can be edited

Pending Approval Submitting a return request through the Return Portal which initiates the return flow. You submitted a return request.
Request Approved

Approving an RMA, whether manually or automatically. 

  • Includes the shipping instructions of the return method used during the approval.

If the resolution is Return Score-based Instant Credits, then the email will include the next steps to the customer whether to: 

  • Keep the item
  • Ship it back  
  • Donate/give away as a gift.
Your return request has been approved. 
Request Rejected Rejecting a Return Request. Your return request has been rejected.
Shipment In-Transit

Scanning a return label. 

  • Only available if the shipping platform used to generate the label offers live tracking.
  • Typically includes the link to the shipment’s tracking page.
Return shipment is in transit.
Shipment Received Marking the RMA as Shipment Received. We have received your returned items.
Refund to Payment Method

Issuing a refund to the original payment method through the RMA. 

Will come from Shopify – not ReturnGO. 


  • Refunded amount
  • Order summary
Refund notification (from Shopify)
Manual Credits

Issuing a refund by store credit through the RMA. 


  • Store credit amount
  • Discount code
  • Redemption instructions
A store credit refund has been issued.
Manual/Instant Gift Card

Issuing a refund by a new gift card through the RMA. 

Includes the gift amount only - not the gift card code. 

This will trigger Shopify to send a separate email that includes the customer’s next steps: 

  • Keep the item 
  • Ship the item 
  • Donate the item

A gift card refund has been issued (from ReturnGO) 

Store $X gift card (from Shopify)
Order Canceled

Canceling an order.

This triggers Shopify to send a separate email saying that the order has been canceled.

Order #### has been canceled per your request.
Invoice for Price Difference for Exchange

Releasing the exchange where there is a price difference that needs to be settled. 

  • Will come from Shopify, not ReturnGO. 

Includes the amount to be settled and a link to pay the remaining charges.

Remaining charges for exchange of Order #### (from Shopify)
Invoice for Charged Fees

Sent automatically as soon as an exchange/return request has been submitted where there is a return label fee that needs to be settled.

  • Will come from Shopify, not ReturnGO. 

Includes the amount to be settled and a link to pay the remaining charges.

Fees charges for RMA # of Order ####                  (from Shopify)

Email Samples

ReturnGO has email samples that are available and can be downloaded here: ReturnGO Email Samplers.

Note: These email samples are based on the default email template. You can use these as a guide to personalizing the email text as you see fit.