Subscription Plans

On the subscription plans page, you can manage your ReturnGO plan and upgrade to another plan as needed. 



The subscription plan page enables you to:

  • Review your current subscription plan details.
  • View and compare ReturnGO’s available plans.
  • Upgrade/downgrade your current subscription plan.
  • Request a custom plan.

Note: ReturnGO offers both monthly and annual plans. Annual plans can be created on request.

Information on the Subscription Plans Page

Each plan on the subscription plans page shows the following details:

  • Monthly returns quota
  • Monthly price
  • Price per excess return
  • Plan description (which features are included)

Viewing Your Subscription Plan

To view your current subscription plan:

  1. Click your email address at the top-right area of your ReturnGO dashboard to open the account menu.


The current plan area shows your current subscription plan details, including pricing and included features.

The available plans area shows all available ReturnGO plans, enabling you to compare them with your current plan.

Switching to a New Subscription Plan

Each subscription plan varies on its included monthly returns quota, features, and pricing.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Once you approve the new billing, Shopify will take care of the monthly payment difference immediately or on the next billing, according to the change type.

If you have add-ons activated on your plan, the Subscription Plan page will reflect your existing add-ons and take into consideration the add-on features you have when showing you the comparison with other available plans.

To upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan:

  1. Go to the Subscription Plans page.
  2. In the available plans area, look for the subscription plan you want to switch to.
  3. Click UPGRADE NOW. You will be redirected to a confirmation page to confirm the billing.
    1. If your current plan is not one of the available plans, UPGRADE NOW or DOWNGRADE will be replaced with SELECT.
  4. Click ACCEPT to accept the new billing.

Note: If you don’t approve the billing in Shopify immediately, you will see an ACCEPT NEW PLAN button the next time you visit your ReturnGO dashboard, which will redirect you to Shopify to approve the billing. The add-on features will not be available until you approve the billing.


Requesting a Custom Plan

For high-volume requirements, you can reach out to the ReturnGO sales team to discuss your needs.

To contact the sales team for a custom plan:

  1. Go to Subscription Plans.
  2. Click CONTACT US.
  3. Explain the plan you need and leave your email address.
  4. Click GET PRICING.

ReturnGO’s sales team will be in touch with you within the next few days.