Account FAQs

These FAQs cover how ReturnGO provides you with full control over your returns management process, enabling you to easily manage your account, customize settings, and take advantage of unique features that set ReturnGO apart.

How is ReturnGO different from other return apps?

ReturnGO is the ultimate solution for eCommerce stores looking to streamline the returns process while maximizing profits and reducing waste. 

Unlimited return policy rules and return reasons, coupled with a strong focus on encouraging store credit and exchanges, help stores retain revenue and increase customer loyalty.

ReturnGO also integrates easily with multiple eCommerce platforms, shipping carriers, and warehouses, making it a versatile and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

The flexibility and automation available through ReturnGO make it the perfect choice for any eCommerce store looking for efficient, streamlined returns management.

How does data protection work with ReturnGO (GDPR)?

ReturnGO complies with the GDPR data protection requirements.

How do I get started with ReturnGO?

Setting up your return portal takes just a few minutes. Start by completing the basic account setup and getting to know the system, and then customize it to your needs.

First, match your store’s return policy to your return portal. The onboarding flow on the home page will guide you to set up your return methods, confirm your return address, and set up your return policy rules.

Once you complete the onboarding, you can test how the portal will look to your customers and tweak it to your preference.

How can I find out more about ReturnGO?

To find out more about ReturnGO, check out the ReturnGO website, blog, and Shopify app store page.

Can I get help setting up my account and portal?

Yes, you can sign up for an onboarding session with a support agent here.

How long does onboarding take?

Onboarding can take as little as half an hour. You can install the app yourself and set it up on your own, or book an onboarding session with a support agent to get everything set up in a matter of minutes.

What are the terms of the ReturnGO contract?

ReturnGO has a 14-day free trial, and after that, plans are billed on a monthly or annual basis. There are various plans, starting from $17/month. Check out pricing and details here.

How can I test my return portal?

To test your return portal, create a test order in your store. Make sure that the order is marked as fulfilled, then go to your portal as if you were a customer and try to return it. 

Fulfilled orders will test enabled return resolutions and show you how the returns process will look. 

Can I integrate ReturnGO with multiple stores?

Yes. To integrate ReturnGO with multiple stores, you will need to install ReturnGO on each store individually. 

If the stores have the same owner email, they will get merged automatically to a single ReturnGO dashboard, with a dropdown to switch between stores.

Does ReturnGO support multiple languages and currencies?

Yes, ReturnGO supports multiple languages and currencies which you can set up in your store settings. Customize the languages of your return portal and email notifications and define your store’s default currency to suit your target market.

What does ReturnGO integrate with?

ReturnGO integrates with a wide variety of helpdesk, warehouse management, instant refund, and shipping integrations to help you streamline your returns management. Learn more about ReturnGO integrations here.

Where can I read about the latest updates and features?

ReturnGO highly values merchant feedback and is continuously releasing updates and new features to improve the app. 

When important features are released, you will see them on your home page. You can find more details, as well as other updates and features, on the What's New page, which you can access from the left-side menu of the dashboard.

What platforms do you support?

ReturnGO currently supports Shopify, Shopify Plus, Magento 2, BigCommerce, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud, with more in the works. Contact us to learn more about other platforms.

Can the return-related emails come from my domain?

Yes, all return notification emails appear as coming from your domain. Your customers won't see any ReturnGO branding on emails.

Does the customer get transferred to an external site?

No, the return portal is embedded directly into your store website, under your own domain, so your customers aren’t transferred away from your site.

Can I change the texts?

Yes, you can customize all texts on your return portal and emails to create a consistent, branded return experience.

Can I customize my return portal?

Yes. You can customize the text, colors, font, and more, to create a branded return portal that matches the rest of your store. You can find your customization settings under Settings > Portal.

Can I import RMAs from my previous returns solution?

Yes, in certain cases, you can import RMAs into ReturnGO from your previous returns solution. To do so, provide the ReturnGO support team with a CSV file of your RMA data from your previous solution.

Imported RMAs in ReturnGO are in view-only format and cannot be used for any further actions or processing.

Additionally, take into account that there might be compatibility issues, and importing RMAs might not be possible in certain situations.