Return Policy Overview

Return Policy is a set of guidelines that describes the steps your store will take and the criteria it will use to accept returns and exchanges. It also includes the steps that your customers need to take to request a return. 

Your store’s return policy outlines how you handle and deal with post-purchase customer requests: 

  1. Change or cancel an order before it is fulfilled.
  2. Exchange or return items after the order has been fulfilled.
  3. Give customers refund methods to choose from such as store credit, gift card, or refund to payment method.

Given that customers often don’t check the return policy, the Return Portal provides customers with an easy way to request a return based on your return policy.

Policy Rules

Create Policy Rules in order for the Return Portal to guide your customers.

A policy rule is a combination of the following elements: 


  • How will you handle the request? Exchange, refund, etc.

Return Method 

  • How will the customer return the item to your store, if at all?

Eligibility Conditions 

  • Until when can they submit the request? 
  • What orders and items are valid? 

Operational Settings 

  • Are there additional payments the customer will be required to make? 
  • How will you approve return requests, manually or automatically? 

When an RMA is created, the return portal checks which policy rules apply to the item. If there is more than one applicable policy rule, the return portal will let the customer choose from the relevant policy rules. 

For example, if you create two policy rules: 


If both policy rules are relevant to the item, the customer can select one of them to process the return request. 

Note: The eligibility defined in the policy rule determines which items will be offered this policy rule. For example, it could be a resolution + return method + reward + fees. 

Based on the example above, the customer gets two return policy rules to choose from. 

Policy Rule 1 is an option in which the customer can ship with pre-paid label and get a Refund by Gift card wherein they will get only 90% of the credit back. 

Policy Rule 2 is an option in which the customer can ship with any carrier and get a Refund by Gift card wherein they will get 100% of the credit back, but the customer will have to pay for the shipping.