Integrating Your Return Portal to Your Shopify Store

To add a return portal to your store, you need to integrate ReturnGO into your Shopify store via the integrations page. 

What is the Integrations Page? 

The integrations page lets you integrate your ReturnGO account into your store and other applications that you might use to manage your store. 

These include help desks, inventory management systems, etc. Other integrations are optional, except for the return portal integration, as this is how your customers will be able to access the return portal and request a return. 


As part of the return portal integration, the integrations page lets you: 

  • Enable the integration in your Shopify store. 
  • Set up a proxy path for your return portal. 
  • Generate a return portal URL. 

How to Integrate ReturnGO into Your Store

To integrate ReturnGO with your Shopify store: 

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > Products & Services.
  2. Open the Shopify Integration section. 
  3. Toggle the Enable Integration to your Shopify store setting.
  4. Click on the save icon to apply changes. 

    By following the steps above, your return portal will be integrated into your store.

    On this page, you can also customize your return portal URL, and copy the full portal URL that you can link to from your return policy, product pages, emails, and more.

    The return portal URL can also be found on the home page of your ReturnGO dashboard.  

    Adding Your Portal to Your Store Site

    To add your return portal URL to your Shopify store:

    1. Log in to your Shopify store admin.

    2. From your dashboard click on Online Store > Navigation.

    3. Choose where you would like to place the return portal (i.e header, footer).

    4. Click on ADD MENU ITEM.

    5. Enter the desired display name for your return portal (i.e Start a Return, Return Portal, Returns & Exchanges)

    6. Enter the return portal link.

    7. Click ADD, then click SAVE MENU.