Salesforce Commerce Cloud FAQs

Last Updated: May 2, 2024

ReturnGO seamlessly integrates with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) to provide a comprehensive return management solution. 

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions about ReturnGO's support for SFCC stores, including key features, limitations, and how ReturnGO facilitates the post-purchase process. 

Contact support if you have any further questions.

How do I integrate ReturnGO with my Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) store?

To see how to set up your ReturnGO return portal with Salesforce Commerce Cloud, click here.

How are SFCC refunds processed with ReturnGO?

Since Salesforce Commerce Cloud does not support refunds natively, all refunds are processed using a separate system, like an ERP, WMS, or loyalty platform.

When you process a return through ReturnGO, ReturnGO acts as a notifier, triggering your system to initiate the refund action, whether that’s a full refund, store credit, or another type of compensation.

How do exchanges work on SFCC?

Customers can easily exchange items for another variant of the same product (such as size or color), and any price difference is calculated automatically.

Product exchanges are not currently supported.

What return analytics are available with the ReturnGO SFCC integration?

ReturnGO offers detailed return analytics that give you valuable insights into return patterns and customer behavior, helping you make better decisions about pricing, products, the customer experience, and more. 

Additional analytics features such as order analytics, transactions, and credits analytics are not yet supported in the SFCC integration.

Can I customize my return policy rules?

Yes, you can customize your policy rules to support return scenarios based on your store’s requirements. You have full flexibility to set advanced return eligibility conditions using any combination of item, order, customer, and RMA information, to define exactly under what circumstances a return or exchange is eligible.

Eligibility condition limitations that are unique to Salesforce Commerce Cloud:

  • Return Window - The return window can be set by adding the delivery or fulfillment date as a custom shipment attribute in SFCC.
  • Tags - While SFCC doesn't natively support tags, you can work around this by leveraging custom attributes and order-level notes in SFCC to create a tag-like system for defining eligibility.

What features are coming soon for the ReturnGO SFCC integration?

ReturnGO is actively working on incorporating additional features to further enhance the capabilities of its integration with Magento. If there's a particular feature you need, reach out to support with a feature request.